Rob offers 1-to-1 and group photographic tuition on location on Dartmoor.
Rob has lived on and around Dartmoor since 1986. He was with the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team for nine years and has run and walked across the moor extensively. He has been photographing Dartmoor professionally since 1999, is passionate about the moor, and knows of stunning locations to guide you to.
The tuition is tailored to your requirements.
Caters for beginners to experienced photographers.
Friendly tuition at your pace.
How to master your camera or smartphone.
Understanding exposure and composition.
Use of graduated neutral density filters to control exposure.
Plus much more.
Fully insured for tuition.
Rob holds an up-to-date outdoor first aid certificate.
He is insured to drive you in his car.

1-to-1-tuition Photographic Tuition on Dartmoor

Rob can meet at a time that suits you, morning, afternoon, evening, or full day.
Rates are:
£30 per hour
£100 for four hours
£200 for two half days (I recommend - 1st session afternoon and evening, ending with sunset, 2nd session sunrise and morning)
£200 for an eight-hour day.
Tuition Simon Ed
Tuition Simon Ed
Tuition Simon Ed screens
Tuition Simon Ed screens

He is also available for small-group tuition.
In the photos here, a couple gave their respective fathers a Father's Day gift of 4 hours tuition with Rob
Rates for 2 people (total i.e. for both)
£50 per hour
£150 for four hours
£300 for two half days (I recommend - 1st session afternoon and evening, ending with sunset, 2nd session sunrise and morning)
£300 for an eight-hour day.

Rob is patient enthusiastic and eager to share his passion for photography and Dartmoor.

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4-hour Photo Course
What a great afternoon spent with Rob learning photography. He was very patient and explained everything very clearly, especially for someone who is a beginner. I would definitely recommend this experience and it made a great present. Thank You Rob
Debbie Cox

In June 2023 I had the opportunity of doing a sunrise photography session with Rob of Dartmoor Photos. I had no prior experience in DSLR photography. Rob started with the basics, interspersing theory with practice. We would set up a shot, he would introduce a new technique or concept, and then it was time to try it out. To begin with, Rob would suggest appropriate settings, but as I learned about the theory, he encouraged me to work things out for myself. His teaching style is enthusiastic, supportive and learner-led; this helped me to gain confidence quickly. I came away with a manageable number of photos that needed no digital editing. In addition to providing helpful photography techniques, Rob also shared his love for Dartmoor, teaching me about topics as diverse as birdsong and geology, and giving recommendations for apps, equipment and wilderness navigation tools.
Thank you, Rob, for an excellent session! Miriam.

Hi Rob,
I just wanted to thank you for a really enjoyable morning.
I found it so worthwhile. I particularly liked your focused and considered way of approaching every image. I learned so much.
I will book again when the bluebells are out if you have space.
Thank you again.

Hi Rob:
Many thanks for the mail, it was thoughtful of you to send me some follow-up notes after the expedition. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you for your time and great patience. I guess you are painfully used to folk like me with all the gear but no idea. Was quite a lot for me to take in as I'd never used a tripod before and never heard of grad filters. Both of these items I shall acquire in due course, most prob second-hand. Thanks also for the info sheets you sent me away with.
I can't wait to go out with my camera again. Was very good advice of yours for me to develop a workflow and to help get my thoughts in order. And it was an experience to use very slow shutter speeds because necessary is a slowing down in mind and body. I'd never heard of the blue hour phenomenon but after some reading around on the web I recognize it for sure.
As for another expedition -- yes, please. It'd be great to carry things forward. We hope to come down to Manaton every month or so and I'll be in touch sometime in the New Year if I may. Bluebells on Holwell Lawn sounds good. We sometimes hear a cuckoo in the valley near there in May/ June, it's very special.
All the best and good wishes for Christmas & the New Year, Chris

Photographic Tuition
Just completed two half-day tuition sessions with Rob and would highly recommend it! I previously had only basic knowledge of how to use my DSLR but wanted to get away from ‘auto’ - with Rob’s guidance, I can now find my way through the many settings and have taken some fantastic photos. Rob teaches with great patience and skill. Thank you so much! Hannah

A HUGE thank you for your time yesterday. I learned so much and the time just flew. I'm still buzzing this morning as we set out on the loop along Dr Blackall's Drive and can't wait to try out everything I learned. I'm left feeling that, with my Canon, I've been carrying around a Porsche for the last eight years and have only been able to drive it in first gear up until now!
Needless to say, the picture I took at the falls on your tripod (attached) was by far the best picture I've ever taken - I hope it passes your seal of approval. So much fun and so much more to learn. I will be back for another session when I'm next down and hope you don't mind if I ping you any camera questions in the meantime.
Thanks a million!

Photography Advice
Just had a very useful and informative two hours of tuition at Hound Tor. There was a lot to take in but Rob made it an enjoyable time. A very good first lesson in photography - I look forward to the next one.

Photography mentoring
Had a very informative 2 hours on the Moor with Rob. It has enhanced my understanding of my camera and many of its functions. Improved my composition of pictures, capturing the magic of the Moor. I also gained useful insight into the use of filters.
Rob has a great deal of patience and is an excellent teacher.
I plan another session with him to capture the magic of the sunsets.
Arthur Hockenhull