Rob offers 1-to-1 photographic tuition on location on Dartmoor.
Rob has lived on and around Dartmoor since 1986. He was with the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team for nine years and has run and walked across the moor extensively. He has been photographing Dartmoor professionally since 1999, is passionate about the moor and knows of stunning locations to guide you to.
The tuition is tailored to your requirements.
Caters for beginners to experienced photographers.
Friendly tuition at your pace.
How to master your camera.
Understanding exposure and composition.
Use of graduated neutral density filters to control exposure.
Plus much more.
Fully insured for tuition.

Rob can meet at a time to suit you, morning, afternoon, evening or full day.
Rates are:
£30 per hour
£100 for four hours
£200 for an eight hour day.

He is also available for small group tuition.
Rob is patient and enthusiastic and eager to share his passion for photography and Dartmoor.

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A HUGE thank you for your time yesterday. I learnt so much and the time just flew. I'm still buzzing this morning as we set out on the loop along Dr Blackall's Drive and can't wait to try out everything I learnt. I'm left feeling that, with my Canon, I've been carrying round a Porsche for the last eight years and only been able to drive it in first gear up until now!
Needless to say, the picture I took at the falls on your tripod (attached) was by far the best picture I've ever taken - I hope it passes your seal of approval. So much fun and so much more to learn. I will be back for another session when I'm next down, and hope you don't mind if I ping you any camera questions in the meantime.
Thanks a million!

Photography Advice
Just had a very useful and informative two hours of tuition at Hound Tor. There was a lot to take in but Rob made it an enjoyable time. A very good first lesson in photography - I look forward to the next one.

Photography mentoring
Had a very informative 2 hours on the Moor with Rob. It has enhanced my understanding of my camera and many of its functions. Improved my composition of pictures, capturing the magic of the Moor. I also gained a useful insite to the use of filters.
Rob has a great deal of patience and is an excellent teacher.
I plan another session with him to capture the magic of the sunsets.
Arthur Hockenhull